The New Kids On The Block

Let’s be honest, we’re young! So what?

We haven't been around since 19 dickity 2, in fact we see that as a positive.

We believe visiting Offtrack isn’t just about buying gear, check out our Learn and Inspire pages to snatch some ideas and resources for your next adventure. Whilst you’re there watch some epic videos of a pow day in Japan.

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The 2nd Life Project

An initiative powered by Offtrack to better utilise our unwanted camping equipment.

Camping equipment has 3 primary purposes – to provide comfort and warmth while staying dry.

Australia’s homeless population face many challenges, they deserve as a minimum, comfort, warmth and the ability to stay dry.

The 2nd Life Project collects old equipment such as mattresses, sleeping bags, rain jackets and insulation layers to redistribute across Melbourne to those in need. The end goal is to have this initiative carried out all across Australia.

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