The Team

Mitchell Pratt

Mitchell (our in-house ginger) started his career in the outdoor industry with 4 years of leading, he has received high accolades from both companies and schools working throughout Australia and worldwide with groups of secondary students.  Offtrack welcomed Mitchell on board as a hard worker with a high degree of self-actualisation. Mitchell’s degree in Education provides Offtrack with a strong connection to our institutional clients which encompasses much of our business, whilst his down to earth approach to life is appreciated by all who meet him. Mitchell could be described as a true blue Australian. Outside of the outdoor industry Mitchell enjoys long walks on the beach and referees on the national panel for wheelchair basketball.

Marcus Tyrrell

Marcus combined his love of the outdoors and pursuit of business in starting the Offtrack business 4 years ago.  With a Bachelor of Education and 7 years leading experience, Marcus provides Offtrack with a great industry awareness and the passion and drive to make Offtrack an industry leader. Marcus has a wealth of experience working with some of Australia’s leading secondary schools along with expedition leading throughout Australia and around the world. Aside from the outdoor industry Marcus is heavily involved with the running of boarding houses in Victoria and thoroughly enjoys his time on the farm, travelling to new places and meeting new people.



Pat Corden

Pat supposedly finished a degree in science last year with an interest in the environment and climate change. However, he was rarely seen at uni and you’d be much more likely to find him in the mountains, bush or ocean. Since finishing, he’s packed up and shipped off to Latin America where he and two friends are riding motorbikes across the continent, hiking, climbing and surfing at every opportunity.

Carly West

Carly is an avid travel seeking outdoor educator who is constantly on the hunt for the next adventure, whether that be in Australia or world wide. After completing her Bachelors Degree and freelancing in the outdoor field Carly has now taken a permanent position in an Outdoor Education Department at a school in Melbourne. This allows her to keep exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes across Victoria and Australia while educating others on its value! Carly loves hearing other adventurers stories and getting inspiration for new adventures, so if you see her around don’t be afraid to have a chat!

Rosie Calway

Rosie is an outdoor educator with a diverse background in business, corrections and youth work. Rosie is always furthering her outdoor skill set and is currently guiding for private and public colleges across Victoria. When Rosie isn’t studying or working, you’ll see her out running, hiking, kayaking, mountain-biking, climbing or anything else that could possibly give you a concussion! You may even catch her representing Victoria for bowling!! This girl is knowledgeable, hard-working, reliable and fun (and is known to be super competitive at times!).

The Rest of the Team are soon to be Announced!

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