2nd Life


A Social Initiative project powered by Offtrack to repurpose used outdoor equipment.

Reuse - Rehome - Recycle


The 2nd Life Project collects used equipment such as mattresses, sleeping bags, rain jackets, tents, back packs and insulation layers to redistribute in a sustainable way.  The end goal is to have this initiative carried out across Australia to support community level outdoor education, the homeless population and even some exciting new products made from recycled equipment.


  • - Reuse- As donations come through our doors our aim is to see if the donation is still fit for purpose. We believe Outdoor Education to be the most valuable tool for any person growing up. However not all schools / organisations are fortunate enough to have the budget behind them that allows them to purchase needed equipment. Loaning out or donating to programs based in low socio-economic regions, programs for at-risk youth and even adventure therapy programs may be pivotal in keeping those who may not have otherwise had the chance to experience an active outdoor adventure. Offtrack in line with the 2nd Life Project is actively looking for more organisations, schools or groups who could donate or benefit from the this equipment (please get in touch with the details below).

  • - Rehome– Once any piece of equipment is no longer up to the rigours of commercial or industry use it shouldn’t mean the product is deemed as useless or landfill. By dispersing some of our preloved outdoor equipment amongst Victoria’s homeless population we can make someone’s day / night a bit more dry, warm and comfortable. From our experiences through this program, we have come to understand that although you may feel your big and bulky sleeping bag sitting in storage isn’t the most suitable for camping anymore. It is perfect for someone who is looking for a warm nights sleep on the street. If your sleeping bag or jacket has a rip or tear we will do our best to patch it and get it back in action. Sometimes we simply forget how useful our old gear can be!  Offtrack in line with The 2nd Life Project is actively looking for more organisations to distribute this style of equipment to those who need it most or may not be the first person you see on the street so please let us know of any organisations or people you know of who could benefit from this. 

  • - Recycle– Of course every item reaches the point of no return, the time where the equipment is not capable of doing what it was originally designed for and yet there is still more that we can do to prevent it all ending up in landfill. This area of the 2nd Life Project is not fully established but whilst we work towards the goal of turning old products into something new, so far we’re actively creating designs and stockpiling fabric, repairing items and keeping usable parts of equipment such as buckles and zips for when the program is able to create some more exciting products.

    Ways that you can help out:

- Donating your pre loved equipment! We have individuals sending through single pieces or even whole kits right through to companies donating whole fleets of back packs, tents and anything they have recently turned over that is too good to end up in landfill.

  • Skills! The 2ndLife Project is a social initiative so everything we do is low budget and often helped by others. For example, our logo for this project was designed by Gruff Design as a contribution from Andrew. We always need things like graphic design, writing and help advertising this project. We would love in the future to be able to work with people who know how to sow or even design cool equipment out of fabrics.

  • Contacts! If you know of any organisations / people who may be willing to donate or even may be in need of some of the gear, then please share your contacts so we can actively continue to grow together.

  • Exposure! Of course, to keep this program growing we need people to know about it, so help with press releasees or even just share this link on social media can have a profound effect on awareness.

  • Financial! As mentioned, The 2ndLife Project is designed as a social initiative. This means you can drive the direction and if you feel like you have a donation that could be of assistance then we can provide you with a list of ways that we could spend it to further this program. The choice is up to you. 


The 2nd Life Project acts out of goodwill, hoping to make a difference in our industry and communities across Australia.



E: 2ndlife@offtrack.com.au  

P: 1300 279 959

A: 26B Research Drive, Croydon South, Vic 3136 (Note: this is the postal address to a warehouse, not a manned facility. So please don’t drop in without an appointment)