About Us

Offtrack was born from experience and passion for the outdoors

Offtrack was developed in 2014 as a solution to the painstaking process for institutions to acquire a wide range of outdoor equipment and to support students aquire the actual gear they need on camps.
Today the company has continued to grow but has not lost sight of what it set out to do. It simply continues to streamline this process leveraging the staff’s years of experience guiding throughout Australia and Overseas.

Offtrack actively services a wide range of schools, universities, students, organisations, companies, clubs, the general public and anyone else who has a need for outdoor equipment.

Marcus and Mitchell met years ago whilst undertaking a Bachelor of Outdoor Education and shared a passion for adventure and the outdoors. It was then that they built the foundations which shapes what Offtrack is today.  Marcus and Mitchell continue to enjoy days guiding in the field as a way of revitalising themselves, connecting with the industry’s trends and troubles as well as getting a chance to test out the latest and greatest equipment before recommending to clients.