How To

How to use this platform!

To work out how best we can help you buy equipment we need to know:

Are you looking for a purchase to arrive very soon? If so visit the in stock now page.

Or if you are you a Partipant, Leader or Staff member or buying on behalf of an institution or school then click the appropriate box and enter your log in code!


For students:

Your trip has been entered into our system and we have matched and paired equipment that will suit your trip best! Every item needed for a trip is available through your log in adn you will generally find a 'good' 'better' and 'best' option for every piece of gear you need. Every item will be suitable for your trip however as a general rule the price of an item will increase based on weight, packability and durability. If a price is high cost it is generally lighter weight and more durable. If it is heavy or bulky then it may be still durable but cheaper then the more expensive item.

You can order as little or as much as you want. All orders will be processed and sent out to the address provided. Each list will have a different delivery time based on your trip departure date.

For Staff, Leaders and Institutions:

You will find a catalogue of items that you will be able to add to your quote. Simply work through the catalogue for the items you would like some pricing on and add it to your quote basket!

Once your quote basket is full simply fill in your details and the list will be emailed to our account so we can promptly reply with pricing based on your quantities.